Cooperation with Christian Aid provides Ukrainian hospital with medicine worth €25,000

British aid organisation Christian Aid and Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) are joined by their common efforts to help the people of Ukraine. The two organisations are closely cooperating in their response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine caused by the war. Funded by Christian Aid and the Disasters Emergency Committee, this first shipment of medicine to be followed by many contains 3550 boxes of antibiotics, painkillers, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs as well as various children’s medicine. The selection and preparation of medicines was realised with the professional assistance of Hungarian pharmacology giants Hungaropharma Zrt.

The aid consignment worth €25,000 was handed over to the director of Uzhhorod regional hospital, Yuriy Yatsina on Friday, 3 June by János Gerevich, head of HIA in Ukraine. From here, medicine will be forwarded to local health institutions too, benefitting the whole Zakarpattia region sheltering over 100,000 registered internally displaced people from all over the war-torn country.


Hungarian Interchurch Aid is leading the implementation of the ACT Alliance response in Ukraine. As implementers of Hungary’s largest humanitarian aid programme, HIA supports 225 community shelters in Zakarpattia alone, and has helped more than 100,000 people with food, hygiene kits, medicine, psychosocial counselling and shelter across Ukraine. With offices in Berehove, Lviv and Kyiv, HIA’s humanitarians operate country-wide, and help where help is needed most. While continuing to provide essential in-kind aid to people in need both in Hungary and Ukraine, HIA now focuses on long-term humanitarian development programmes with the aim of reconstruction and resettlement of territories devastated by the war.

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