Firewood to the host communities providing for internally displaced people in Zakarpattia

Hungarian Interchurch Aid, member of ACT Alliance is providing a grant of 2 million hryvnias to the region’s forestry department to purchase 3,000 cubic metres of firewood.

As part of the preparations for the heating season, János Gerevich, head of Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s branch office in Ukraine, Viktor Mikita, Governor of Zakarpattia and Vitaliy Petrenko head of the Zakarpattia Regional Forestry signed a tripartite memorandum aiming to support Zakarpattian households hosting internally displaced people in the region.

„This assistance will partially cover basic needs for heating among the beneficiaries, and encourage the internally displaced people in Zakarpattia in their search for work in the private sector.” – noted Viktor Mikita, Governor of Zakarpattia, who also thanked Hungarian Interchurch Aid for their continued support.

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