Summer camps for displaced and refugee children in Hungary and Ukraine

Children need to be children – no matter the circumstances. Whether they are displaced within Ukraine, or had to flee their home country completely, HIA aims to bring respite to their life, making them forget – even if only for a day or two – that they are far away from the place they once called home, their friends and family. In the camps, children had the chance to spend time and have fun with their peers who they share a common culture and language with. Experiencing moments of happiness and joy while participating in various games and activities allows a group of children to turn into a real community – something that these children miss dearly since they have left their home. While proving to be tremendous fun for the children, the summer camps also relieve parents from having to watch over their children until school starts again in September. 

In the gallery down below we tried to capture some of the happy moments the children shared with each other in our camps located in Budapest, Hungary as well as Zakarpattia and Ivano-Frankivsk regions of Ukraine.

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