Support Centre for Ukrainian Refugees- Budapest

Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been helping those fleeing the war on both sides of the border. The services and assistance provided to refugees have been integrated and are now available in the Support Centre for Ukrainian Refugees in downtown Budapest. Giving a helping hand to refugees trying to access all kinds of information on daily life in Hungary, the Centre also provides in-kind donations, assistance to access the labour market, various trainings, legal advice and community programmes.


Services available:

  • assistance in finding accommodation 
  • psychological help
  • access to the labour market
  • access to education (for both children & adults), language courses
  • legal aid provided by Legisly
  • in-kind donations
  • assistance in the administration of immigration
  • assistance in administrative matters
  • community programmes

Information on available forms of assistance:
: 1pm to 4pm
Tuesday: no reception
Wednesday: 9am to 12am
Thursday: 9am to 12am
Friday to Sunday: no reception
All services are available only by pre-arranged appointment.

Contact info:
tel: +36-705043154
address: Baross u. 28. Budapest 1085, Hungary
Legal aid – available online