HIA summer camps for Ukrainian refugees in Hungary are running throughout summer

Taking on a leading role in ACT Alliance’s response in the war-torn country, Hungarian Interchurch Aid is at the same time also supporting refugees fleeing Ukraine. More than a year of being away from their home, their friends and family members, the situation takes an especially heavy toll on children. To this end, 300 children – primarily of the community organised around HIA’s Support Centre for Ukrainian Refugees – participate in the summer camps organised in cooperation by the Hungarian Scout Association and HIA throughout the summer. 

In the camps, children have a chance to spend time and have fun with their peers who they share a common culture and language with. Experiencing moments of happiness and joy while participating in various games and activities allows a group of children to turn into a real community – something that these children miss dearly since they have left their native Ukraine. While proving to be tremendous fun for the children, the summer camps also relieve parents from having to watch over their children until school starts again in September.

Apart from a huge variety of outdoor & indoor games, children also engage in artistic activities such as painting, drawing, music and dancing. Playful Hungarian language-learning and develpmental sessions are part of the programme too, while on Fridays, the children are going on a field trip – to boat excursions, hikes, and visiting different sights of Budapest. The organisers also devote time to share exciting, practical skills used by the scouts of Hungary.

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