Kindergarten renovation finished in Berehove, Zakarpattia

The children of Berehove will now finally be able to spend their days in a modern and fully equipped kindergarten. László Lehel, president-director of Hungarian Interchurch Aid, together with Levente Magyar, Hungarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Viktor Mikita, Military Governor of Zakarpattia were all present at the inauguration ceremony of the nursery school able to accommodate 35 children, which has undergone interior and exterior renovation.

The renovation project’s first steps started in 2016, but was eventually made possible by a coalition of government and business actors with significant support from the Hungarian Government. Joining the initiative, Bethlen Gábor Fund and several companies (Meditop, Szerencsejáték Zrt. and MKB Bank) financed the equipment and furnishing of the institution.

As a result, a new, modern kindergarten with new utilities and a capacity to accommodate 35 opens its doors to the region’s children right in the town’s historical centre by the town hall, caring for children aged 3 to 6 years.

In addition to providing humanitarian relief following disasters and reducing the suffering caused by war, our work in Ukraine aims to deliver long-term sustainable model programmes promoting the development and support of disadvantaged children and families.

In the picture published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFA) Levente Magyar, Parliamentary State Secretary of the MFA, Viktor Mikita, Governor of Zakarpattia, Julia Grisina, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and László Lehel, President and Director General of the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid (left to right) at the kindergarten in Berehove, Berehove, on November 10, 2022. MTI/KKM

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