• HIA has reached 135,216 people so far, providing emergency access to basic humanitarian aid,
    protection activities and other life-saving services both in Ukraine and in Hungary.
  •  HIA has already transported 1064 tons of aid to Ukraine since the beginning of the war.
  • In Hungary HIA helped for more than 5000 refugees in the last two weeks.
  • In Zakarpattia the in-kind support assistance to 20 shelters lying in 11 hromadas in 2 regions (Uzhhorod, Mukachevo) was continued. In this period, HIA reached 625 people with 3.2 metric tons of food aid.
  • In Lviv Oblast, 11 more FSG contracts were signed and 10 new are in progress. MPCA and C4P assistance were finished in Sambir Rayon and in Lviv Oblast. More than 1500 people for MPCA and more than 500 people for cash for protection were registered.
  • In countryside, and large towns (Miskolc, Sopron, Kaposvár, Debrecen, and Szendrő) HIA reached 664 refugees by the following activities: in-kind assistance, PSS, social programs, information service, labour market counselling, and language education.
  • Read more in the HIA Situation Report attached.

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