• In the past 3 months, HIA has been able to continuously expand its assistance to new geographical regions and its humanitarian response has reached 98,944 people so far, providing emergency access to basic humanitarian aid, protection activities and other services both in Ukraine and in Hungary.
  • Besides its current response, HIA is opening up its operation in Kiev region to manage project activities in central and northern regions of the country. Based on the governmental proposal HIA has started to map up the capital and its surrounding area to support repatriation process relying on the Hungarian government funds.
  • Soon to open HIA Integration Centre in Budapest will provide assistance to refugees from Ukraine through various services (in-kind support, social work, accommodation referral, labour market programmes, vocational trainings and community space) to support their integration into the society; special attention will be paid to the needs of unaccompanied minors, people with disabilities and the elderly
  • HIA purchased and transported 676 metric tons food, essential non-food items and medical equipment so far to support the victims of the conflict in Ukraine
  • Read more about our work in Ukraine in the attached Situation Report down below.

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