Situation Report – 26 April 2022

  • Week 16, HIA visited Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Bucha, Borodianka, Iprin and Hlibivka to strengthen cooperation with local partners and to expand partnership network in Eastern Ukraine. In many cases HIA was the first humanitarian aid organization who visited the settlements and provided immediate life-saving humanitarian aid to the inhabitants. Cooperation agreements were signed with municipalities of Bucha and Borodianka, and information meeting were held with local leaders in Kyiv.
  • Based on the first-hand experience gained in Bucha, although 1073 buildings have been damaged, 412 houses have been completely destroyed, along with 32 blockhouses which have been partially damaged by the fighting; the shops are closed, the banking system is not yet operational and the Russian troops have taken away many materials and goods (food, trucks, minibuses, even vehicles for people with disabilities), the spirit and the attitude of the people has been very inspirational. They want to get back some kind of normality, to restart the daily life after all the atrocities lived through. HIA provided 9 tons of immediate relief aid to the inhabitants of Bucha with 10 generators enabling the city to provide electricity and water to its people. Out of approximately 53,000 people, only 4,000 remained in the city.
  • Distribution of humanitarian aid delivered inside Ukraine as of 20 April:
    • Lviv – 82,213 kg
    • Zakarpattia regional administration – 111,065 kg +10 ventilators
    • Ternopil – 32,350 kg
    • Ivano-Frankivsk – 32,823 kg
    • Chernivtsi – 19,987 kg
    • Bucha – 8794 kg + 10 generators
    • Zaporizhzhia – 11,443 kg
    • Kyiv –7,217 kg

The key actions carried out by HIA and its local partners on Week 16 include:

  • Lviv Emergency Office distributed WASH items to IDPs and local communities reaching out 8050 beneficiaries. Flexible Small Grant (FSG) project activity is ready to kick-off for CSOs to strengthen their response capacity in caring IDPs. MPCA component is starting in the Sambir Rayon of the Lvivska Oblast. HIA’s FSP (financial service provider) has granted a weekly credit overturn of 1,5 M USD.
  • Beregovo Office provided 14.2 metric tons humanitarian aid to 14 shelters in 8 hromadas reaching 1,066 people with food, hygiene items, children goods and equipment;
  • Zlatograd Foundation continued to support the Psychoneurological Boarding School for Women with Disabilities with humanitarian aid, and distributed 500 sets of food and hygiene kits in Dnipro region reaching out 1322 IDPs.
  • Santis Foundation distributed 600 sets of food and hygiene kits to 1893 IDPs in Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro. Discussions were held during HIA visit at Santis Office on further future cooperation; in addition humanitarian aid was delivered to support their warehouse capacity.
  • Etalon, as part of the awareness-raising campaign ( Information. Mobility.) on PSS and legal assistance, continued to visit 6 additional community shelters in Ivano-Frankivsk where IDPs are accommodated from Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kyiv to inform them and the local authorities about the services provided by Etalon’s 4 mobile groups and give them information about where to turn for help.
  • In Cherkasy and Poltava, aid distributions are planned for 27 April. The League has already launched its individual consultation service by setting up hotlines, one for psychosocial counselling, one for legal assistance. Through recording the arriving information request in an online system – taking into account the legislation on information access, and protection of personal data – the aim is to issue a thematic booklet, which can support the work of the mobile service groups later when they visit community shelters.

Thus far these efforts have reached 70,921 people since the beginning of the crisis, providing emergency access to basic food and non-food items, information, shelter, WASH and health support, protection and links to transportation services.


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