Food & hygiene kits distributed in cooperation with Ukrainian Orthodox Church

In cooperation with the Bishopric of Uzhhorod in Zakarpattia of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Hungarian Interchurch Aid has delivered and distributed durable food and hygiene kits for more than 2500 internally displaced people living in and around Uzhhorod on 17 January. Most of them arrived to the westernmost region of Ukraine from the eastern, war-torn parts of the country.

The aid consignment made up of 37 pallets aims to improve the situation of the 150 thousand internally displaced people living in Zakarpattia, most of whom are concentrated in the bigger cities of Uzhhorod and Mukacheve.

Bishop Varsonofy explained that they have received a huge number of requests for help, with food being the most sought-after form of aid. With inflation on the rise and theinflux of tens of thousands of internally displaced people rent prices have increased, often leaving IDPs with barely any money to spare on food. Apart from humanitarian aid, Varsonofy also stressed the importance of providing spiritual support that the diocese provides, which – according to him – is much needed as people who have experienced the horrors of war often find it difficult to cope with the traumas of their experiences.

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