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1 year of assistance on report

Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) is a member of ACT Alliance with an active presence in Ukraine dating back to 1998. Having established country-wide operations in 2014, in February 2022 HIA has doubled down on its efforts to provide help to the victims of the war – both in Hungary and Ukraine. From tangible, in-kind aid to cash assistance, community-based relief and protection activities, HIA’s response to this crisis is multisectoral and flexible. In the first year of the conflict, HIA has implemented its aid programme in 20 regions of Ukraine. Often operating in hard-to-reach areas, HIA’s help reaches beneficiaries from westernmost Zakarpattia to Kharkiv in the East and Kherson in the South. 

Find out more about our work in Ukraine by reading our 1-year report. In the document we aim to explain each of HIA’s modalities of assistance, accompanied by selected stories from the field. You can read the publication online on Issuu below by clicking the middle of the image, or download the whole report from the bottom of the page.

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