• Since the beginning of the war, 91 generators have been delivered to Ukraine by HIA• During the past 12 months HIA purchased and transported 1700 metric tons of food, hygiene items to Ukraine
• With the Flexible Small Grants programme HIA reached 88,234 people, through 65 FSG organizations
• HIA has reached 275,860 people so far, providing access to basic humanitarian aid, protection activities and other life-saving services in Ukraine and Hungary.
Lviv Office has been going on with MPCA and C4P (Assess & Assist) and supported 4,529 people in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Lviv, Dnipro, Ternopil, Zhytomyr and Kharkiv oblasts.
During the period they signed 2 flexible small grant contracts in Dnipro and Kherson oblasts reaching approximately 1600 people.
Kyiv Office has continued its infrastructure programmes with the Zahaltsi school reconstruction, while the kindergarten is finished and a generator has been delivered and connected. Sinjak administration and health center’s concrete foundation is finished.
Berehove Office distributed food, non-food items, hygiene items to 23 shelters in Zakarpattia region. Weight of cargo delivered to shelters: 6 metric tons. Also 6 generators were handed over to 5 educational institutions, assisted 412 students and to the Communal rehabilitation institution “Regional complex rehabilitation center for persons with disabilities” in Uzhgorod, where are 24 IDPs placed and 70 people with disabilities treated daily.
In Hungary, the in-kind support assistance to refugees is continuous. In this period, HIA helped refugees with food kits in 4,470 cases, and with hygiene kits in 864 cases. HIA carried on the provision of child protection services, mental health support and legal counselling to refugees. Altogether 1,250 has been assisted by these protection activities. Additionally, HIA is provides hungarian language courses in 2 locations: Budapest and Sopron, reaching out 128 refugees in the last month.

Read more about our work in Ukraine in the attached Situation Report down below.

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