• As Kharkiv has been partially liberated, HIA’s senior staff visited the region at the end of September to assess the security environment and gain greater insight into heating and power supply, job opportunities and care, and residential moves. They also visited locations like Saltivka, Zolochiv, Pervomaysky to map up programming based on their initial findings. Possible
    partners in the region were also contacted, and project ideas and their allocation were discussed.
  • In addition to this assessment and to understand profoundly the needs of the people living in the Kharkiv region, a rapid assessment – methodologically based on telephone and face-to-face interviews – was carried out by one of the partner organizations of HIA between 8-10 October. The assessment investigates the preparedness of the respondents for the upcoming 6-month winter period by examining a non-representative sample of the residents of the Kharkiv region. HIA also wished to explore the support needs the respondents indicated for the next 2-3 months.
  • HIA has reached 167,078 people so far, providing access to basic humanitarian aid, protection activities and other life-saving services both in Ukraine and in Hungary.

Read more in the situation report attached.

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