• HIA has reached 118,895 people so far, providing emergency access to basic humanitarian aid, protection activities and other life-saving services both in Ukraine and in Hungary.
  • HIA Refugee Support and Integration Centre in Budapest officially opened its doors and providing assistance to refugees through various services (in-kind support, social work, accommodation referral, labour market programmes, vocational trainings and community space) and supporting their integration into the society; special attention is paid to the needs of unaccompanied minors, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups.
  • HIA has successfully been registered in Kyiv, as a Ukrainian charitable foundation, with this registration HIA has two separate Field Offices responsible for humanitarian response coordination, one in Beregovo, and now one in Kyiv. Kyiv Office will also take over the administrative supervision of Lviv Emergency Response Office.

Outside the Appeal:

  • EUR 5,1 million from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary Helps Agency and private donors, companies through HIA’s fundraising campaign in Hungary
  • In kind donation in the value of EUR 1,12 million (food, NFI and other aid items)
  • Christian Aid: 2,65 million GBP Inside the Appeal
  • Act Church of Sweden: 5,552 million SEK
  • Dan Church Aid: 988 K EUR
  • Kerk In Actie: 1,5 million EUR
  • Finn Church Aid: 1 million USD

Humanitarian aid was sent to the East, to Kharkiv and to Mykolayiv, as well. HIA successfully funded 6 FSG projects and finalized the documentation of next 15 grants with local CSOs, NGOs and faith based organisations. Among the funded FSG projects there are several protection activities supported by this initiative. Namely, in Vinnytsia HIA local partner opened a special space, where they are performing art-therapies for children; in Ternopil the grant enables the NGO to work with kids with Down syndrome, conducting daily classes with 78 children, and to distribute food/hygiene kits as well. In Rivne Rayon, where there was a need to create a living/sleeping zone, they could buy NFI (beds, mattresses) to open the shelter. HIA other partner from Lviv purchased equipment from the fund for activities with kids with autism. Thus, they are conducting speech therapy, classes with sensory-physical rehabilitation, consultations with psychologists, classes with behavioural therapists.

In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, with the help of this FSG HIA assisted the local partner to distribute bed linens, blankets and utensils supplies to 35 families and to create child space, and also activities related to case-management and social work.

An MoU was signed with the Kyiv Regional Administration, the Buchanska and Borodianska territorial communities. As a first step of this partnership, a school building of the educational complex in the village of Zagaltsi of Borodyansky territorial community will be rehabilitated. This will be followed by the reconstruction of local kindergarten.

Read more in the HIA Situation Report attached.

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