• Week 16, HIA is visiting Dnipro, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia and Bucha to strengthen cooperation with local partners and to expand partnership network in Eastern Ukraine.
  • Week 15, Berehove office – with close cooperation with the mayor of Tyachiv, the mayor of Bucha and at the request of the Governor of Uzhhorod – donated 3.5 metric tons of food to Bucha to help the people in their greatest needs. Tyachiv is the twin city of Bucha, located in Zakarpattia.
  • Between March 3 – April 17 in Zakarpattia oblast food and essential non-food items were distributed to 206 shelters in 6 rayons (46 hromadas), reaching 17.309 people with 47 metric tons food, 17 metric tons hygiene products, 13.5 metric tons children items.
  • From Berehove warehouse to Lviv 44 metric tons, to Ternopil 15 metric tons, to Ivano-Frankivsk 14 metric tons, to Chernivtsi 20 metric tons and to Zakarpattia regional administration 35 metric tons, altogether 128 metric tons humanitarian aid was delivered since the beginning of the crisis.
  • As Ukraine’s air defence systems destroyed two missiles in the Radekhiv Area of Lvivska Oblast over the last fortnight, NGOs’ activities in Lviv have been largely unaffected. NGOs can still rely on critical infrastructure around Lviv, despite previous RF missile strikes against a military base near the Polish border, an oil depot and an aircraft repairing facility. These reflect Moscow’s growing hostility to humanitarian aid shipments into Ukraine around Lviv. Nevertheless, NGOs should monitor attacks on aid shipments, which Moscow may claim are disguising weapons deliveries to Ukrainian forces.

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